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Gorakhnath Temple

The Gorakhpur district in Uttar Pradesh takes its name from the Gorakhnath Math which was build to honor the place where Gorakhnathji practiced his austerity. There are two temples that are run by the Gorakhnath Math one of which is located in South of Gorakhpur and the other one is in Gorkha district in Nepal.

tourist places in gorakhpur

Railway Museum

This rail museum & amusement park is a newly added attraction of the city, which was inaugurated on 2nd July 2007 and is one of its own kinds in U.P. The museum, displays the development of NER economically, technically, as well as culturally. The major attraction of this museum is Lord Lawrence's Steam Engine, which was built in 1874, in London and brought to India by sea. It was the first engine that was used by NER, once it became operational. The museum also houses a gallery which has many significant articles, such as- clocks used in saloons, furniture, uniforms used by railway men at different times, a photo gallery, materials pertaining to railway traffic control, library etc. A toys train ride is also available for children. A unique Food Plaza housed in a railway compartment adds to the tourist attractions of this place.

attraction in gorakhpur

Kushmi forest

Kushmi forest is a dense forest-covered with Sal trees. The forest is situated at a distance of nine Kms from Gorakhpur Railway station and is just beside the Air force Station There is a religious-picnic spot named Budhia Mai in the thick green forest. It is believed that this temple is a wish-fulfillment site. The other attractions within the forest are The Vinod Van Park and a zoo. The Kushmi Forests are under the care of the forest department and for the convenience of the tourist. They have started a guesthouse just close to the park. Kusumhi Forest is a place for outing and recreation for local people. Spending time in the environs of nature is soothing to the mind and body and rejuvenating. The best season or months places to visit in Gorakhpur are February, October, November, December.

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